Corey Haim’s Lifetime Friend Greg Harrison Speaks Out about Corey Feldman’s Truth Campaign

Many people are looking for answers because this is a very bewildering request of Corey Feldman.  For those of you that have been playing the home version of “This is Corey Feldman’s Life” along with the rest of us, you will recall Greg Harrison, close personal friend of Corey and Judy Haim making a statement of behalf of the Haim family as to who sexually assaulted Haim.  If you haven’t read that, you can read it HERE

I am posting his unedited response to a series of questions asked to him here with his permission.  Thanks goes to Greg Harrison.



Greg Harrison’s response to a beautiful soul with honest questions Regarding Corey Feldman’s campaign.

Sallyanne Tucker,
I really don’t mind taking the time to answer your questions, because they are very reasonable and intelligent questions. I only wish the media had the brains to ask what you are asking. So firstly, yes as an insider privy to a lot of the real information not available to the public; we know that Corey Feldman in both his book and many interviews recorded in many articles that Feldman has been trying to implicate Charlie Sheen. We have known that Feldman has an axe to grind with him for years, but couldn’t tell you why. It seems to me, like always; that Feldman is jealous of Sheen because of his highly successful career. Jealousy always seems to be behind most of what Feldman does. It’s just the way he is! He has always been careful, but he has directly indirectly always implicated Sheen. As to his promise to Judy to stop talking about Corey Haim, well sorry; he said that about a year ago on Doctor Oz and has miserably failed to keep that promise. He continues to this day to bring up Corey Haim and exploit his very bankable name. Corey Feldman knows that Haim is a real person of interest and wants to exploit that as much as possible. There should be a new law called, “Haim’s Law”, where it would be illegal to exploit the dead for capital gain. Feldman should be taken to task for using Haim’s name, likeness and image for capital gain. Feldman is already in violation of the Corey Haim estate, which is owned by Judy. If Corey Feldman would stick to his story about his abuse and his abusers, no one in the Haim camp would give him any opposition or obstacles. No one has denied the allegations against Alphy as an abuser towards Feldman. If Feldman claims that Alphy abused him, I for one would most likely believe Feldman regarding that issue. Haim did express that Alphy was most likely a bad man, but never claimed that he was abused by him. Feldman always wants to project the things that happened to him onto Haim, because Feldman doesn’t want to be the sole poster boy for all of this. We are consistently seeing Feldman trying to project things that happened to him onto Haim. These are all lies and very difficult to endure as a loving caring friend. Along with all of Feldman’s other lies and specifically about the Soda Pop club. We have several eye witnesses that can tell you how well supervised these parties were. The lies that there was no adult supervision is just that, a lie. We do know that Feldman was not properly supervised by his parents and so once again Feldman projects what happened to him onto everyone else. Many of us do feel bad that Feldman was not properly supervised by his parents and that he was the one that ended up going to these unsupervised after parties where Feldman was most likely molested as a child. For that, people are deeply sorry that Feldman had to suffer this type of Horror at a very young age. So yes it’s true, but the end does not justify the means of this self-serving exploitation and present abuse that he is inflicting on everyone else. Yes starting with the 10 million dollar thing along with all the other numerous lies, half-truths, twisted truths and blatant manipulation of the media. It’s all disgusting and unimaginable how negligent he is towards others and how this unrighteous self-serving crusade is hurting so many other people including the deceased. Among his many lies, Feldman has lied about being clean and sober, which is why he appears very unstable. But despite all this and so much more, I for one will never be able to fully hate Feldman; because YES, he was abused and it has obviously affected his mental health considerably. Your right he had a miserable home life, was neglected, unloved and conned out of his earnings by his parents. Your right, all of that plus several incidents of sexual abuse has made a huge impact on him as a human being. I do feel compassion for Feldman and know that he has lost his way and is a very broken soul, assuming he still has one at this point. Yes, he is permanently damaged from all these life experiences. He is the product of being a child actor and friends with people like Michael Jackson and all the other things that Hollywood has to offer. My only defense for him to those that are quick to say, that he is a “piece of shit.” Is Fine, if Feldman is a piece of shit, which is easy enough to agree to; I would also submit to all of you that if he is a “Piece of Shit”, then we are the Asshole that he came out of. We as a society, have embraced and endorsed Hollywood as the be all and end all in society and everything else that goes along with that. We have embraced the media that cultivates famous people and all the dysfunctions that go along with it. Candidly, I stated it in my face book post today. We were all created as equals! People were not created to be worshipped, but rather as God’s creation; we are to worship our creator. So Quick Recap: Yes, Feldman is a Piece of Shit, but we as a society are the ass that he came out of. So I for one will never hate Feldman, but I will stand by Jude Haim to expose his lies and pure evil that he is currently doing and creating. Simply put, the end doesn’t justify the means, even if there was ever intent for good to come of all this; which I know is and was never the case with Feldman. He is not after social justice he is after revenge. His motives are all wrong, even if part of his message is good. Truth! You can’t mix truth with all sorts of lies and evil intent and still boldly proclaim you are speaking the Truth. The worst part of all this is his claim, that he is a mere messenger of God. Wow! There are lot of words we can use to describe Corey Feldman, but humble is not one of them. If any of this were true, then we would all be going to Hell. Unfortunately, what is true, is that Feldman did introduce Haim to his abuser. Feldman has always been jealous of Haim even from the beginning. You can find interviews of Feldman asking, “Who is this bitch that keeps stealing my parts.” Feldman has always been out to Destroy Haim and you can and will find many people who will testify to this fact. Anytime Corey Haim was getting back on track and doing well, we were certain to soon see Feldman on the scene again trying to drag him back down by offering drugs and whatever else he could think of to throw Haim back off track again. Even now in death, Feldman is trying to destroy Haim’s legacy. This is just a fact that many who knew Haim will tell you is true. Yes, it is also true that Corey Feldman was a wrangler for Pedophiles as a minor and shouldn’t be held responsible for the adult manipulation and grooming. Yes Feldman carries the burden of being highly groomed and brainwashed as a child. He was a very small innocent child with no one to look out for him or protect him. For that he carries bitterness towards his mother and I have witnessed that he projects that anger that he has towards his mother onto Judy. The public can see little glimpses of his hostility towards Judy, but the brunt of this belongs solely with his own mother. I pray one day he will see this with clarity and perhaps find it in his heart to forgive her to free himself from all his bitterness that we are all experiencing. I also see both sides and still find it difficult to reconcile and excuse his current actions as a full grown man. Haim had a heart of gold and would give you the shirt literally off his back. In fact, I still have a few that he did give me. My heart aches for Judy, who I have seen literally taken by ambulance to the hospital, because of all the stuff Feldman is doing and saying about her son and her. There is no excuse for this type of Evil to be inflicted upon a mother who lost her son. Judy is a good, kind, protective & loving parent. So yes Feldman was an innocent child who was abused and hurt more than any of us can imagine, but we all have had our crap and we have all turned it around to become better people because of it. So I guess, I would in turn ask, “Why can’t Feldman do the same, instead of all this subversive evil manipulation and pain that he insists on inflicting on innocent people?” And yes I agree it’s harder for people and the general public to see if you are not privy to the real inside story of both their lives. But there are plenty of people, even here on Scott Schwartz’s page; that can testify to you, that what I’m telling you is true. Truth! Feldman can’t handle the truth! As much as he has been a victim, he currently is and has been a deliberate evil monster and it’s hard to make excuses for him even though I see both sides of the story.


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