Corey Feldman’s “Truth” Campaign – It’s Time To Tell The Truth




It’s Time To Tell The Truth.


Why is Corey Feldman soliciting funds to make a biopic about his life when there is already a completed biopic of his life?


The easy answer is he’s broke.


Fact: There is already a finished Lifetime biopic in post-production scheduled for release in 2018. It has a working title of “A Tale of Two Corey’s” but in researching my story, I obtained a copy of a breakdown entitled “Fallen Angels” It’s not something that the average person may know or think to look up but often movies and books have two titles. One tentative, “working title” and a final release title. It helps keep information about the movie quiet so later, closer to release it generates “buzz” as details of the final cut are made available to the media.


Fact: “Feldmansion” is a rented townhouse. He is not living large, not even by Average Joe standards.


Fact: His Angelic to the Core tour fell apart when his band walked out after a drug arrest. Details are murky because of Non-Disclosure Agreements the band members are required to sign. No member has spoken out about it so we are forced to go with Mr. Feldman’s explanation of the events.


Fact: His name does not sell movies anymore. His “brand” has little to no value. Straight to DVD movies, reality shows, an awkward music career and a scandal plagued personal life. The probability of him being able to materialize this vision is on the low end of low at best. He owns his own particular brand of toxicity.


Fact: He has had an open forum to name names for years and has released names of two, already known, convicted child sex offenders. Mr. Feldman wrote about his alleged abusers in his autobiography using pseudonyms. He has created a “buzz” with easily obtainable information with a “promise” to reveal more, should his goal be reached. The breakdown for Fallen Angels (working title A Tale of Two Corey’s) has a lead role to play Jon Grissom (pseudonym Ron Crimson) one of his alleged abusers.


Fact: A movie does not protect him in any legal way from the possibility of litigation and lawsuits. So, there is no inherent legal benefit to taking that avenue.


Most of this is neither here nor there except the already completed biopic that Mr. Feldman is a part of. He is quoted in an interview as saying he was a producer and had oversight to make sure he the story didn’t deviate to far from the “truth”.


“… We actually have a Lifetime movie coming out that is about the two Coreys. Which I helped produce. To help lend some stuff to the story as well. I wouldn’t say I’m the writer or director. It was done with some friends of mine. And I helped with some stuff so that it didn’t stray too far from the truth…” 

 *October 2017,


Why hasn’t Mr.Feldman laid this very pertinent information out in the forefront before his big $10 million dollar ask?


Easy. Most right thinking people would question the necessity to have two biopics about essentially the same thing especially given that he had creative input into the first one. It is highly conceivable that he wouldn’t be able to even raise the $244, 345 he has been able to raise to date if people questioned that necessity. How many times and ways does the same story need to be told by the same person?


Setting aside the horrendous optics, that is, requiring this campaign to reach a certain financial goal to be able to divulge information of general public best interest and safety while Mr. Feldman believes his own safety to be in jeopardy and uses that as a reason he has not and can not be directly forthcoming in addition to requiring funds for protection and security services as a result, the start of this crowdfunding initiative coincides  with his band walking out on him after they encountered legal problems while on tour.  That could potentially cause financial damage to be incurred to Mr.Feldman through lost deposits, litigation and the lost opportunity for financial compensation. On the surface, it would appear that Mr.Feldman NEEDS money ASAP.


The campaign has been set up with “flexible” goal which means that regardless of whether he reaches the highly improbable-from-the-start goal of $10 million dollars, he gets to keep whatever has been donated and never have to make the promised full theatrical release movie. It starts to look like there is no personal financial benefit in Mr. Feldman being completely transparent and upfront despite this issue being of public interest since the release of his autobiography Coreyography: A Memoir.

Mr. Feldman has recently appeared on syndicated TV shows and has confided two names of men already convicted of crimes involved in his abuse. One being Jon Grissom (pseudonym Ron Crimson) Notably, in the breakdown for Fallen Angels (working title The Two Corey’s) it has a lead role for this individual. Why the long protracted release of names, the cherry picking of events, people and essentially, the Truth? 


Does that mean Corey Feldman is running a “scam”?


School’s in session. Today’s Law class lesson is about FRAUD. The legal definition of fraud from is:


Fraud is generally defined in the law as an intentional misrepresentation of material existing fact made by one person to another with knowledge of its falsity and for the purpose of inducing the other person to act, and upon which the other person relies with resulting injury or damage. Fraud may also be made by an omission or purposeful failure to state material facts, which nondisclosure makes other statements misleading.


To simplify, to lie to someone to get them to do something for your own benefit is fraud. To NOT tell someone something to get them to do something for your own benefit is fraud. It is also called “unjust enrichment” which means acquiring something you are not entitled to by means of deception.


So now we are on to math class, taking what we just learned in Law class.


1) Mr.Feldman has not set forth transparently that he has an interest in a biopic about himself that is in post production scheduled for a 2018 release. Mr. Feldman although publicly naming two individuals he claims are responsible for his abuse, and has lent creative input “so that it didn’t stray too far from the truth” in his own words, chose to leave the other abuser’s character out of the movie. 

2) ‎Mr.Feldman offers no materials to support his goal. No signed contracts. No scripts. No Letters of Intent. Nothing other than a vague idea and a vision and a loose promise to tell the story and a requirement of protection and money in the event of litigation. He’s borrowing against a “maybe”?

3) ‎Mr.Feldman has not indicated what will happen if the target goal of $10 million isn’t reached. A smaller movie? No movie? 

4) ‎Mr.Feldman blocks anyone that does ask for any material information about the movie connected to this campaign.


The only logical conclusion that can be reached by adding points 1-4 is that yes, it appears to meet the legal definition of FRAUD. That, in itself, is a matter for the authorities to further investigate. All the elements of a crime seem to be there motive, means and the elements necessary to commit fraud. There is an established pattern of “cherry picking” information and only providing enough to illicit a response and generate funding for a second, ill conceived project and not to help the public better educate themselves in a real tangible way.


In the bigger picture, if this is true, it is an outright assault on the Public Trust. Preying on people’s emotions and a desire for answers and truth after what can only be described as years of speculation, rumors and innuendo, that not surprisingly were sparked by Mr.Feldman’s autobiography, Coreyography: A Memoir, for his own personal gain can only be viewed with contempt. This paints a different and contrasting image for Mr. Feldman than that of the innocent child that millions came to adore and who had the world at his feet and the sad, exploitative, desperate, middle aged man he appears from all outward views to be today.

I wish Mr. Feldman nothing but good health and peace in his life. I don’t think he owes anyone any details of his life story really. This is his journey and he is free to deal with his pain and recovery in his own way, in his own time but he has to get honest with both himself and us. He asked to be scrutinized by offering himself to the public for a price. People should ask questions and do their due diligence before jumping into any cause. The Public should expect forthright answers to questions not deflection, guilt, blame, hostility and silencing. I think Mr. Feldman has to take ownership of this and be transparent right now because this does not look good for him. He came to the people with this huge ask under the premise of truth and full disclosure. He asked us to place our trust in him to the tune of $10 million dollars. To that end, we should demand just that in return. It’s long overdue. It’s time to tell the Truth.


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