EXCLUSIVE: Corey Feldman Caught Being Scammy Again!


There’s a lot of speculation that Corey Feldman’s Truth Campaign is nothing but a scam. It’s pretty fantastic that’s for sure. It started with an incredibly high and unrealistic initial goal of $10 million dollars on Indiegogo which he has since lowered to a target of $1 million. While claiming that as some bizarre kind of accomplishment, he simultaneously started a second begging campaign on GoFundMe. There are campaign videos that are almost cringe worthy and even more that are in response to this begging campaign on YouTube. There are almost annoying all caps in his tweets which earn you a block if you mention and snarky replies from Feldman himself. He also does a lot of blocking. Most of the blocking is for simple questions like “How much money is being directed to charity?” or anything that would be fair disclosure considering he’s asking for the public’s money. It’s all kind of surreal. This is something that is hard to look away from. Think train wreck. Corey Feldman caught being scammy again…


Given all this, it doesn’t surprise me that people are skeptical and require something more to go on than vague promises, unclear directions or guilt trips. It’s all there on Twitter, just search Corey Feldman and you can witness for yourself how he responds to potential donors. A few days ago, I was contacted by someone on Twitter to ask if I knew if his donations were legit or not. I told them the best people to contact would be The Rape Foundation as they were the charity that Feldman had said he was donating a portion of the raised funds through GoFundMe .


I received another message from them that they had called and were told that they didn’t know about this. That struck me as odd, so I had my assistant place a call as well. She spoke to a woman named Mary who oversees Donations and who never heard of this before the first phone call. She wanted to speak with the Director to see if they were aware but she had no knowledge of it. My assistant received a call back from Mary after speaking with the Director and confirmed that they are not currently working with Feldman and that they were unaware of any of this until people had called to make sure their donations were safe.


“The best way to donate is through our website” said Mary as she thanked my assistant for bringing this to their attention. Can I confirm or deny a scam on Feldman’s part? No, this isn’t a smoking gun but having said that, he is skimming from money that can be donated directly to therapefoundation.org dollar for dollar. Couple that with the fact that Feldman refuses to set an amount or give a definitive answer on even what percentage he intends to donate of the $12025 raised to date on GoFundMe and that Feldman never even contacted them to ask permission to use their name or let them know his intention to donate, I can unequivocally say the optics are horrible for Feldman. It’s just another questionable and shady looking thing in a very long list. I also agree with Mary that the best way to donate is directly to them. If you wish to donate, go to their website at  therapefoundation.org or contact them directly.



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