EXCLUSIVE: Judy Haim gives Fans the REAL Origin of “The Haimster”


In the wee hours of the morning, Corey Feldman sent out a tweet that had both Feldman and Haim fans buzzing about the nickname “Haimster”. I know it’s not Pulitzer prize winning investigative journalism but I was granted the opportunity to speak with Judy Haim via Skype as a result of my asking around for the real 411. It was a brief conversation because I sensed that she found this a bit ridiculous. I have to be honest, I am speaking to the mother of 80’s and 90’s movie icon, Corey Haim (I’m Shook!) and my hard hitting question is “Do you know where the name “Haimster” came from?”   Not my proudest moment.


“Core’s nickname? Is that what this is about? (Judy laughs quietly while shaking her head.)  “We, as a family, called ourselves ‘The Haimsters’ and we, his parents, gave him the name “Haimster”. Feldman is taking credit for this? I have news for you, him and all the fans, he had no part in his nickname.  The name doesn’t have anything to do with him. He is delusional. I don’t care if someone puts what I say out there. Say it’s from me!  My message to all of those that fall into his trap, he’s obsessed and delusional. Maybe his die hard fans should know the truth and that is we are a family of Haimsters that he never belonged to. I put that on Core’s headstone.  Do you think I would have imprinted that name on my son’s headstone if Feldman gave him that nickname? Not on your Life!! ( The look on my face gave me away)  Didn’t think so.”



At this point, I felt a little silly but I will do anything if it involves bringing fans the truth.If she could sense how silly I felt she didn’t let on. She was pleasant and nice enough to take the time to chat with me a little. She’s really easy going and quite funny. Nothing like I’d read about her and in this case, she makes sense. I wouldn’t put a nickname that had no significance to me or my family on my son’s headstone. All things being equal, I have to give Judy Haim the win on this one. Feldman, just seems to be talking out his ass.


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