Corey’s Angel, ex-bassist Mara Moon Speaks Out!! Exclusive.


An Open Letter To Corey Feldman And His Fans.

December 9, 2017

It has taken me a little bit to collect my thoughts and to find the right words and spirit to sit down and pen this letter. I wanted to make sure that I came from the right place with what I am about to say. The easiest thing for me to do right now is walk away from everything I am seeing and try to maintain what is, at best, an unconscionable Non Disclosure Agreement, crafted only to benefit one party’s abhorrent business practices and public image.  In fact, what I have is a non-signed, non legally binding agreement.  It would be easy to walk away and let others figure things out the hard way like I had to. I can’t do that however. I am not afraid to let the public know both what I witnessed or what I was made to endure.  I try my best to live my life with integrity and feel if this information is public record, it may spare other performers.


I am a musician.  I am a singer and a songwriter.  Those are my strengths.  I also play guitar and when I was hired to perform in Corey’s band, I looked forward to the opportunity to work with other musicians and grow both my knowledge and skill. I never saw this as an “opportunity” to make it big or even get recognized. I truly admired the fellow musicians I worked with.  The benefit to me, in a professional sense was, I would be able to work with and experience other artists. Growth. I am not what one would consider by Corey Feldman’s description of an Angel as a lost soul in need of saving from myself. I am very self aware and I am a very balanced and grounded person.


I am going to cut to through the chase, I did NOT leave the tour because I was in fear of my life from outside people. My safety and health were jeopardized by my employer, Corey Feldman practically every day I was on tour.  I was not comfortable with what I was being asked to be a party to and it did not sit well with me. From the onset, Corey had expressed to everyone on tour that he was going to start a campaign in order to generate some funds. This was not a spur of the moment afterthought when the tour fell apart. He had this in mind from about October 14 in Reno, NV.  To be honest, I did not have a full understanding of what he was doing but in my gut, it did not sit well. It felt dishonest and I didn’t like being asked to be part of it. At that time, I expressed my concerns that, logically, reasonably, that if he felt he needed additional security because that was his reason for needing to start this fundraising campaign, than what kind of danger did that present for myself? I was met with indifference because as was stated to me by Corey, “you’re not in danger. You aren’t a household name”.  The verbal abuse and condescension was ongoing. On one occasion, I had lost pieces to my Lolita costume and was forced through being yelled at to find pieces in a lost and found of undergarments. I was yelled at to “just wear them” and had them thrown at me when clearly they were soiled with either menstrual or fecal matter. My safety both physically and mentally were constantly under assault. I was met with that tone, as though I was collateral damage or that I should be grateful for this opportunity whenever I brought any concerns about circumstances or conditions during the tour. I felt like I had my hopes and dreams held over my head.


I know that I probably should have left much sooner than I did. I feel that once it became apparent to both Corey and Courtney that I didn’t cosign their “lifestyle” and was not going to come across in a manner they wished, my days were effectively numbered regardless. I felt as though I was reminded regularly that this was my “dream” and it could all vanish if I did not, at least, turn a blind eye. The subtle continual emotional, verbal and physical abuse had begun to take a toll and I literally felt alone and ostracized.

The contract I signed guaranteed for food, suitable accommodations, a safe and drug free environment and payment.  To date, none of the contractual obligations have been met. I was subjected to accommodations contrary to the contract.  I was made to share a bed with two other adult women while the motel room was “comped” by the venue. I was guaranteed food but it was rationed to the point I received ¼ of a veggie burger while others that are not vegans ate full portions. I was told to “get the fuck up and put these groceries away” by Corey. They were not my groceries. They were Courtney and Darci’s groceries. They were picked for themselves and paid out of the tour food budget. A privilege I did not receive. I wasn’t even allowed to eat any of them. There were a lot of tears shed before I had even decided to leave the tour.


The tour was a very unstable and unsettling experience.   I was subjected to domestic altercations between Corey, Courtney and Darci, “their girlfriend”. They were violent in the sense that there was loud yelling, arguing, door slamming and it was all fuelled by drugs. Yes, there were drugs. I have a hard time reconciling Corey putting forth a drug free image when in fact, THEY were arrested for drugs being in the RV we were travelling in. Again, by contract, I was guaranteed a drug free environment. I have a reasonable expectation of such. Corey tried to silence me with an NDA knowing full well he was not honest about his lifestyle to me upfront. This is so low considering how many concessions on my life and safety he asked me to make, without notice. I had to rent a car because the driver that was hired was driving erratically and I had gotten hurt. The sleeping arrangements in this RV were less than ideal for a group of adults. With all the trauma and chaos, I eventually couldn’t drive and had to have a friend fly into Texas to drive me back to L.A to get my belongings and then back home to Ohio.  


I can’t just walk away and turn a blind eye to what I saw and what I still see happening today. I can’t be silent about what I was asked to be an accomplice to and leave other potential contractors in the dark. I probably could have cashed in on this to recoup my losses but I just wanted to share my knowledge and hopefully stop any other young girls with dreams and aspirations from suffering the experience I have. I have been left traumatized mentally, emotionally, spiritually and yes, even financially, as I was never paid by Corey Feldman. In order to protect myself from the gross mismanagement, I had to walk away. In order to protect others, I had to share my experience.




Mara Moon


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  1. Nikki says:

    This guy is a broke joke! He is making a mockery of a very serious subject! What kind of evil person would try to profit off of their own and others suffering! The only thing I will donate money to is his therapy because clearly he still has issues! Can someone please get this news out to the media and news?

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