Former Corey’s Angel Mara Moon speaks out about Corey Feldman


Mara Moon wrote an open letter to Corey Feldman and his fans. Corey Feldman had previously announced on his official Twitter that his Angelic 2 The Core Tour came to a grinding halt because band members feared for their safety.  Mara wanted to set the record straight because it was Feldman’s bad business practices that caused her to leave the tour.

Since Mara Moon released her open letter, other former Corey’s Angels band members Margot Lane and Jackie Von Rueden along with costume designer, Poeina Suddarth have also spoken out about the abuse and harrassment they encountered while under the employ of Corey Feldman.


Mara Moon, former bassist for Corey Feldman’s band speaks with Ed Opperman from The Opperman Report about her experience with Corey Feldman, “Maingel” and wife, Courtney, the Girlfriend, the Louisiana arrests, the Truth campaign and MORE!

Listen to what the real deal is about Corey’s Angels!



Thank you to Ed Opperman for the interview. Check out ED OPPERMAN on YouTube and Spreaker (Links take you to an external website)

3 Comments to Former Corey’s Angel Mara Moon speaks out about Corey Feldman

  1. Buck says:

    To me, you guys should put in more effort to spread the word here, not just a couple of tweets. Post things on Reddit, write to news sites, get more people aware of who Feldman actually is. It shits me to no end that people are still giving him money. You see people talking about struggling to pay the rent or buy Christmas presents for their children but still manage to scrape together some money to give to Feldman because they think he’s actually “saving children” somehow.

  2. James Cole Twelve Monkeys says:

    Thank you, CCreports, and Mara Moon, and Ed Opperman, and all three dozen gagged & blindfolded watcher-fighters. I have felt isolated and voiceless and extremely frustrated and drained while observing the imposter perform acts of self-destruction and willful outward deception upon an open-hearted gallery of survivors and loving fans and others.

    He exudes the essence of a insatiable evil ghoul. Perhaps he is simply its host…Or, as he stated to Holly Fields, ” You’re another typical wannabe hollywood actress.” She was a GF of Corey Haim. And her ‘laundry’ was hung
    out to air in public on twitter. This example isn’t intended to supply food for drama-zombies or gossip lovers. It is simply one of many documented facts.

    (Links removed by Admin)

  3. Nikki says:

    I Agree with the previous comment! This is the truth! And people need to know what a dishonest piece of shit this guy Is! I believe he was molested but, this truth campaign needs to be exposed for the scam that it is! Can someone get this out to the news and media?

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