Corey Feldman Exposed – The Finale – Greg Harrison Speaks – Feldman’s Publicist’s Letter Judy Haim

Corey Feldman Exposed is published with permission of Bobby Wolfe Jr  This is the finale video in Bobby’s 8 part Corey Feldman Exposed series. They are funny and explain one man’s take on one of the most convoluted “Truth” movements in modern history. Bobby has combined research and internet sleuthing with his opinion to tie together some evidence that contradicts many of the caims that Corey Feldman has made.

Over time Corey Feldman has made many claims in regards to a paedophile network in Hollywood run by “Moguls”. He started a campaign, a “TRUTH” campaign to raise money and awareness for a movie, for security, to name names, not sure there is one reason why this doesn’t make sense if one had to pinpoint it. we have seen him travel back and forth to go on the Dr. Oz show and he recently travelled to the Sundance Festival. There are always more questions left than answered.

Corey Feldman Exposed takes a critical look at what we are being asked to believe.  It allows us to be skeptical and examine different people’s discoveries of lies, inconsistency and shadiness behind what can only be viewed as a middle aged child star’s deusions of grandeur and inability to accept that his star has faded.

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