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Corey Feldman Exposed – The Finale – Greg Harrison Speaks – Feldman’s Publicist’s Letter Judy Haim

Corey Feldman Exposed is published with permission of Bobby Wolfe Jr  This is the finale video in Bobby’s 8 part Corey Feldman Exposed series. They are funny and explain one man’s take on one of the most convoluted “Truth” movements in modern history. Bobby has combined research and internet sleuthing with his opinion to tie together some evidence that contradicts many of the caims that Corey Feldman has made. Over time Corey Feldman has made many claims in regards to a paedophile network in Hollywood run by “Moguls”. He started a campaign,Read More

AJ Benza talks with Leigh Egan of Crime Online about Corey Feldman and Corey Haim


AJ Benza talks with Leigh Egan of Crime Online about Corey Feldman and Corey Haim in his Fame is a Bitch Podcast.  AJ and Leigh answer a lot of questions that fans and skeptics have been asking about Corey Feldman, his Truth Campaign, the allegations of rape and sexual assault and the real nature of the relationship between Feldman and Corey Haim. Corey Feldman wants us to believe that Haim wanted him to tell his story.  His mother Judy Haim vehemently denies Feldman’s claims and wants him to stop usingRead More

Former Corey’s Angel Mara Moon speaks out about Corey Feldman


Mara Moon wrote an open letter to Corey Feldman and his fans. Corey Feldman had previously announced on his official Twitter that his Angelic 2 The Core Tour came to a grinding halt because band members feared for their safety.  Mara wanted to set the record straight because it was Feldman’s bad business practices that caused her to leave the tour. Since Mara Moon released her open letter, other former Corey’s Angels band members Margot Lane and Jackie Von Rueden along with costume designer, Poeina Suddarth have also spoken outRead More

Corey’s Angel, ex-bassist Mara Moon Speaks Out!! Exclusive.


An Open Letter To Corey Feldman And His Fans. December 9, 2017 It has taken me a little bit to collect my thoughts and to find the right words and spirit to sit down and pen this letter. I wanted to make sure that I came from the right place with what I am about to say. The easiest thing for me to do right now is walk away from everything I am seeing and try to maintain what is, at best, an unconscionable Non Disclosure Agreement, crafted only toRead More

EXCLUSIVE: Judy Haim gives Fans the REAL Origin of “The Haimster”


In the wee hours of the morning, Corey Feldman sent out a tweet that had both Feldman and Haim fans buzzing about the nickname “Haimster”. I know it’s not Pulitzer prize winning investigative journalism but I was granted the opportunity to speak with Judy Haim via Skype as a result of my asking around for the real 411. It was a brief conversation because I sensed that she found this a bit ridiculous. I have to be honest, I am speaking to the mother of 80’s and 90’s movie icon,Read More

EXCLUSIVE: Corey Feldman Caught Being Scammy Again!


There’s a lot of speculation that Corey Feldman’s Truth Campaign is nothing but a scam. It’s pretty fantastic that’s for sure. It started with an incredibly high and unrealistic initial goal of $10 million dollars on Indiegogo which he has since lowered to a target of $1 million. While claiming that as some bizarre kind of accomplishment, he simultaneously started a second begging campaign on GoFundMe. There are campaign videos that are almost cringe worthy and even more that are in response to this begging campaign on YouTube. There areRead More

Corey Feldman’s “Truth” Campaign – It’s Time To Tell The Truth

      It’s Time To Tell The Truth.   Why is Corey Feldman soliciting funds to make a biopic about his life when there is already a completed biopic of his life?   The easy answer is he’s broke.   Fact: There is already a finished Lifetime biopic in post-production scheduled for release in 2018. It has a working title of “A Tale of Two Corey’s” but in researching my story, I obtained a copy of a breakdown entitled “Fallen Angels” It’s not something that the average person mayRead More

Corey Haim’s Lifetime Friend Greg Harrison Speaks Out about Corey Feldman’s Truth Campaign

Many people are looking for answers because this is a very bewildering request of Corey Feldman.  For those of you that have been playing the home version of “This is Corey Feldman’s Life” along with the rest of us, you will recall Greg Harrison, close personal friend of Corey and Judy Haim making a statement of behalf of the Haim family as to who sexually assaulted Haim.  If you haven’t read that, you can read it HERE I am posting his unedited response to a series of questions asked toRead More

Corey Feldman Begs for Money.


Hey Internet Eric Here has made a batch of YouTube videos in response to some of the shenanigans that have ensued while Corey Feldman begs for our money.  Fanatical fans, accusations of drug abuse, sexual battery against Corey Feldman and of course no shortage of Good vs Evil and Satanism thrown into the mix. Corey Feldman begs online instead of working and being accountable like other middle aged men. Eric has a straightforward, common sense approach to his analysis of this whole spectacle.  There have been so many twists andRead More

Public Statements from Judy Haim and Greg Harrison


This is a reposting that was originally posted to Corey Haim’s Official Website   September 27, 2016: A public statement from Judy Haim: I am making this statement to confirm that Greg Harrison is a long time family friend, who has been friends with Corey Haim, my son, since 1990. He was and is a close confident to both Corey and myself. Greg Harrison and Corey Haim shared a real close friendship and had many years to share the good, bad and the ugly of each others personal lives. SeptemberRead More